Monday, October 27, 2008

Derry Polling Places

I have had many phone calls asking me where people are suppose to vote in the Upcoming Nov 4Th Election. Just thought people should be aware of the locations because some district polling places have changed.

Voting Hours are 7Am to 8pm on November 4Th 2008

Districts 1 and Districts 3 will be voting at PINKERTON ACADEMY

District 2 Will be voting at Calvary Christian School on East Derry/Hampstead Rd

District 4 Will be voting at Hood Jr High School.

Please make sure you tell everyone you know about where to vote.!!!


Anonymous said...

Many have complained that the town has not publicized the new polling locations enough.

How about using the town's reverse 911 system to call every resident and leave a message as to the correct polling locations.

Could also use that mobile emergency sign at the rotary to post locations - and maybe put that info up on the new Derry Emergency Radio station that the sign is currently promoting.

BC said...

anon 2:13,
I think they we will be doing a reverse 911 to let residents know, I just don't know when that will be done.

Good ideas!

Anonymous said...

2:13pm...There is a mobile sign on Fordway Ext. as of tonight...911 is going to be happening. Information is on cable 17 message board as well as articles written in both the Derry News and Nutfield News. Margaret Ives mentioned the locations at the last Conservation Meeting and she's got an infomercial on both channel 17 and the school channel 6 which I've seen many times.I also saw a large poster at Shaw's in clear view as I was walking out.
Information is also on the towns website and easy to access.There has been a tremendous effort been done to notify the voters.Kudos to Margaret Ives and Denise Neale....

Anonymous said...

Don't use the reverse 911 for non emergancy's. I don't need a call about when and where to vote and I think most of Derry's residents are well informed of the change.

Can you also get the school to stop calling me at 4:30am during snow day's, I'm smart enough to check the new's in the morning before sending my kid off to school without getting a call to my unpublished phone number.

The local, state and federal goverment are way to involved in our life.

If you want to help I come some leafs that need raking up.


BC said...

Where are you. I'll help you with your leaves!

Anonymous said...

Many have complained about NOT ENOUGH polling location info?!! Anon 2:13 I don't know who you talk to but evrrywhere you look there are "do gooders" begging you to get out to vote.
From flashing billboards to newspaper accounts, and from public access channels to some insufferable women I saw on a local channel the otherday reading a poem and then acting like a self righteous grining ninny.
NOT ENONUGH poliing location info? Here's an idea for you, let those unresourceful enough to figure out that there is an election on Tuesday stay home. It be a better use of their ballot.